Radon measurement uncertainty: Comparison between passive short-term and active measurement

  • G. M. Reimer
Environmental Radioactivity


The measurement of indoor 222Rn is not as straightforward as commonly perceived. The most commonly used measurement method is a passive, short-term device using activated charcoal that collects gases, typically for 3–7 days. Short-term measurements are popular because a radon determination is often required by a homebuyer and the buying transaction needs to be completed within 30–60 days. From deployment to obtaining the result from a laboratory reading the passive short-term device can take about 2 weeks. Active measurements, in which a portable alpha-particle counter is placed within a house and air pumped through a scintillation cell have been compared to passive short-term measurements and found to be consistent. For transactions requiring faster or immediate results, active counting methods appear to be a reliable method for measurement.


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