European measurement comparison of 137Cs, 40K and 90Sr in milk powder

  • Y. SpasovaEmail author
  • U. Wätjen
  • T. Altzitzoglou
Environmental Radioactivity


Recently, the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM) has assumed responsibility for organizing regular measurement comparisons among those laboratories which provide radioactivity monitoring data from their country to authorities of the European Commission (EC) under various EC legislation articles. The most recent exercise under this International Comparison Scheme for Radioactivity Environmental Monitoring (ICS-REM) in measuring the 137Cs, 40K and the 90Sr activity concentration in milk powder is presented here. The complete cycle of the comparison is described, including the establishment of reference values traceable to SI units, the demonstration of the homogeneity of the distributed samples, the treatment and measurement of samples in the participating laboratories, and the evaluation of the results.


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