First experiments on a new in-beam Mössbauer spectroscopy station at the Budapest Research Reactor

  • T. BelgyaEmail author
  • K. Lázár


We report a new in-beam Mössbauer station which is to utilize a cold neutron source and guide system installed on the 10th beam line of the Budapest Research Reactor. This new in-beam facility enables us to broaden the number of nuclides that can be used to study Mössbauer effect in various materials. We describe the Mössbauer cryostat, the electronics, the present performance of the beam, and the shielding designed to decrease the background.


Neutron Beam Exit Hole Neutron Guide Spectroscopy Station Neutron Capture Reaction 
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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Institute of Isotopes of the HASBudapestHungary

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