Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry

, Volume 274, Issue 3, pp 517–523 | Cite as

Sorption of Am3+ cations on suspended silicate: Effects of pH, ionic strength, complexing anions, humic acid and metal ions



Sorption of tracer Am3+ to silicate particles was studied as a function of pcH (4 to 9) and of ionic strength [0.20M to 1.50M (NaClO4)] at 298 K. The sorption increased with increased pcH from 4 to 6 above which saturation was observed. The insensitivity of Am3+ sorption to increased ionic strength indicates inner-sphere complexation with the surface silicate sites. The effects of different complexing anions such as carbonate, acetate, oxalate, phosphate, citrate, EDTA and humic acid, on Am3+ sorption were investigated. Synergistic enhancement in Am3+ sorption was observed in the presence of phosphate (4≤pcH≤7) and acetate (4≤pcH≤5) ligands at 0.20M NaClO4. The presence of the other ligands inhibited Am3+ sorption in the order: EDTA > citrate > oxalate > carbonate. Am3+ sorption in the presence of HA (25.00 mg/l) increased in the pcH range of 4.0 to 5.5, then decreased. Increased ionic strength enhanced Am3+ sorption in the presence of 25.00 mg/l HA for 4≤pcH≤9. The sorption increased in the presence of a mixture of HA (25.00 mg/l) and phosphate (1.00·10−3M) as compared to that of HA (25.00 mg/l) alone. The presence of Fe3+ (1.00·10−4M) enhanced Am3+ sorption at pcH∼4 but suppressed it from pcH of 5 to 9; 1.00·10−4M of Ca2+ and of UO22+ ions had no effect on the sorption profile.


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