Indoor radon and thoron concentrations in the pyramides of Teotihuacan

  • P. Gonzalez


This paper presents radon and thoron concentrations measured in the prehispanic tunnel of the Sun Pyramid and in the archeological tunnel 1 in the Moon Pyramid. Radon and thoron concentrations were measured using several electret passive environmental radon monitor (E-PERM) configurations and detection systems. Results were in good agreement with no significant difference (<Emphasis Type=”Italic”>P</Emphasis>&lt;0.01). Radon concentration in both pyramids was 1ower than the action levels proposed by the ICRP 65. Therefore, the equivalent effective dose (<Emphasis Type=”Italic”>H<Subscript>E</Subscript>) </Emphasis>calculated for the highest concentration was much lower than the action level (3-10 mSv<Superscript> .</Superscript> y<Superscript>-1</Superscript>). A quality assurance program was improved.


Pyramid Radon Concentration Thoron Indoor Radon Quality Assurance Program 


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