Radiochemical separation advancements using extraction chromatography: A review of recent Eichrom Users' Group Workshop presentations with a focus on matrix interferences

  • L. E. Jassin


The sorption of Pu(VI) by synthetic hydroxyapatite was determined in NaClO<Subscript>4</Subscript> media. Pu(VI) sorption was determined to be rapid with equilibrium attained in 2 hours. Equilibrium experiments indicated sorption to be pH dependent with distribution constants, log <Emphasis Type=”Italic”>K<Subscript>a</Subscript></Emphasis> values, ranging from 4.11 at pH 6 to 5.92 at pH 8.5. Data collected at pH 8.0 with varying total Pu(VI) were fit to the Langmuir isotherm and yielded Langmuir constants of <Emphasis Type=”Italic”>C<Subscript>a</Subscript> </Emphasis>= 0.0147 mole/mole and <Emphasis Type=”Italic”>K</Emphasis> = 1.71<Superscript> .</Superscript> 10<Superscript>8</Superscript> l/mole. Although varying ionic strength did not have an effect on Pu(VI) sorption, a decrease in sorption was evident at high calcium and phosphate concentrations.


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