Journal of World Prehistory

, Volume 20, Issue 2–4, pp 127–127 | Cite as

Agricultural Origins and Frontiers in South Asia: A Working Synthesis

  • Dorian Q. Fuller

Due to a technical problem a number of typographical errors made it into the published version of this paper. A selection of those which may cause confusion are indicated here.

p. 2, line 30, should read: “… as research in the eastern Mediterranean indicates …”

p. 3, Fig. 1 caption, third line, should include: “These rapidly expanding settlements may include recruitment from …”

p. 8, Fig. 5 caption, should read “… herbarium collections in Calcutta and Pune.”

p. 10, line 25, should read: “but the sequence needs to be re-dated along the lines indicated in Fig. 6” [not Fig. 5]

p. 11, Fig. 7 caption, no (4) should read “Lal Qila” [not Quila].

p. 12, last cited reference should be: Zohary, Tchernov and Horwitz, 1998.

p. 20, line 21, should read “… although their domestication status or dating remains”

p. 20, last two lines, should read: “… the clear antiquity of agriculture based on these crops”

p. 22, line 29, should read: “… as indicated in Fig. 8” [not Fig. 7].

p. 23, line 17, should read: “… T. durum/T. turgidum, which can also be”

P. 26, citation “Legge & Harris, 1996” should be Legge, 1996.

p. 30, line 20, the phrase “from collagen dates” should be omitted.

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