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Reduced Whitehead Groups and the Conjugacy Problem for Special Unitary Groups of Anisotropic Hermitian Forms

  • V. I. YanchevskiiEmail author

Let K/k be a separable field extension of degree 2, D be a finite-dimensional central division algebra over K with a K/k-involution τ, h be an Hermitian anisotropic form on a right D-vector space with respect to τ, and let U(h) be the unitary group of h. Then the reduced Whitehead group of its special linear subgroup is defined as follows: \( \mathrm{SUK}_1^{\mathrm{an}}(h)={{{\mathrm{SU}(h)}} \left/ {{\left[ {U(h),U(h)} \right]}} \right.} \), where [U(h), U(h)] is the commutator subgroup of U(h). The first main result establishes a link between the above group and its analog SUK1(h) for the case of isotropic h (with respect to the same τ).

Theorem. There exists a surjective homomorphism from \( \mathrm{SUK}_1^{\mathrm{an}}(h) \) to SUK1(h).

Furthermore, we also give a solution of the conjugacy problem for special unitary subgroups of anisotropic Hermitian forms over quaternion division algebras as subgroups of their multiplicative groups. Bibliography: 32 titles.


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