B-Spline Collocation Method for Nonlinear Singularly-Perturbed Two-Point Boundary-Value Problems



A B-spline collocation method is presented for nonlinear singularly-perturbed boundary-value problems with mixed boundary conditions. The quasilinearization technique is used to linearize the original nonlinear singular perturbation problem into a sequence of linear singular perturbation problems. The B-spline collocation method on piecewise uniform mesh is derived for the linear case and is used to solve each linear singular perturbation problem obtained through quasilinearization. The fitted mesh technique is employed to generate a piecewise uniform mesh, condensed in the neighborhood of the boundary layers. The convergence analysis is given and the method is shown to have second-order uniform convergence. The stability of the B-spline collocation system is discussed. Numerical experiments are conducted to demonstrate the efficiency of the method.


Singular perturbations Boundary-value problems B-spline collocation method Piecewise uniform mesh Quasilinearization 


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