Journal of Statistical Physics

, Volume 120, Issue 1–2, pp 339–365 | Cite as

Quantum State-Dependent Diffusion and Multiplicative Noise: A Microscopic Approach

  • Debashis Barik
  • Deb Shankar Ray


The state-dependent diffusion, which concerns the Brownian motion of a particle in inhomogeneous media has been described phenomenologically in a number of ways. Based on a system-reservoir nonlinear coupling model we present a microscopic approach to quantum state-dependent diffusion and multiplicative noise in terms of a quantum Markovian Langevin description and an associated Fokker–Planck equation in position space in the overdamped limit. We examine the thermodynamic consistency and explore the possibility of observing a quantum current, a generic quantum effect, as a consequence of this state-dependent diffusion similar to one proposed by Büttiker [Z. Phys. B 68:161 (1987)] in a classical context several years ago.


Quantum Langevin equation quantum Smoluchowski equation quantum multiplicative noise state dependent diffusion quantum ratchet 


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  1. 1.Indian Association for the Cultivation of ScienceJadavpur, KolkataIndia

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