Journal of Solution Chemistry

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Comment on the Article “A New Understanding of the Relationship between Solubility and Particle Size” by W. Wu and G.H. Nancollas



In their paper, Wu and Nancollas (WN) (Wu W., Nancollas H. 1998. A New Understanding of the Relationship between Solubility and Particle Size. J. Sol. Chem. 27:521–531) discussed the validity of the Ostwald–Freundlich equation when used for description of the relationship between the size of a particle and its solubility. We show that the reasoning and the main conclusions in the paper by WN are incorrect—regardless of the actual shape of the particle. We present derivations for the case where the particle is spherical as well as for the case of a general polyhedral shape. We show that in either case the Ostwald–Freundlich equation is valid, without any restrictions, for all cases discussed by WN.


Ostwald–Freundlich equation Surface tension Particle size Solubility Phase rule 


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