Journal of Solution Chemistry

, Volume 35, Issue 9, pp 1315–1328

Refractive Indices, Densities and Excess Molar Volumes of Monoalcohols + Water

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The refractive index, nD, and density, ρ, of binary mixtures of monoalcohols + water, have been measured at a temperature of 298.15,K and atmospheric pressure. The variation of the refractive indices of these solutions has also been determined with temperature in the range T = (278.15 to 338.15) K and atmospheric pressure. A comparative study has been made of the refractive indices obtained experimentally and those calculated by means of the Lorentz-Lorenz [Theory of Electrons, Dover Phoenix (1952)] and Gladstone-Dale relations [Trans. R. Soc. London 148:887–902 (1858)]; in all cases, the Gladstone–Dale equation was seen to afford values similar to those obtained experimentally. Calculations have been made of the excess molar volumes, VE, and the molar refraction deviations, ΔR, of these mixtures and the differences between the experimental values for refractive index and those obtained by means of the Gladstone–Dale equation. Values of VE were compared with others in the literature. In all cases the VE values were negative, and in all cases, except in the methanol + water, ΔR showed a maximum for x = 0.8.


Monoalcohols Refractive index Density Lorentz-Lorenz relation Gladstone-Dale relation Excess molar volume Molar refraction deviations 


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  1. 1.Department of ThermodynamicsFaculty of Pharmacy, University of ValenciaValenciaSpain

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