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Stochastic properties of lower ionosphere as earthquake precursor

  • Jan ŠlégrEmail author
  • Kamila Váňová
Short Communication


Lower portion of the ionosphere known as the D-layer has properties of Gaussian random plane affecting very low frequency waves. This is manifested by stochastic properties of reflected VLF waves as their auto-correlation function (ACF) in time is the Bessel function of the first kind and zero order. In this paper, we show that the properties of this Bessel function are connected with the seismic activity in the area near the great circle path of VLF waves.


Earthquake prediction Ionosphere Auto-correlation 



This work was supported by the SV PřF UHK nr. 2119/2015.


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsUniversity of Hradec KrálovéHradec KrálovéCzech Republic

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