Half-Metallic Ferromagnetism Character in Cr-Doped CaS Diluted Magnetic Insulator and Semiconductor: an Ab Initio Study

  • Ouafa HamidaneEmail author
  • Athmane Meddour
  • Chahrazed Bourouis
Original Paper


The overall aim of this study is to investigate theoretically the structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of calcium sulfide (CaS) doped with chromium (Cr) impurity, in order to conduct a new search dilute magnetic semiconductors (DMS) suitable for different applications in electronics and spintronics. For measuring, the physical property of this compound is implemented using the first principles approach employed in WIEN2K code. The structural characteristics are optimized using the Generalized Gradient Approximation established by Perdew-Burk-Ernzerhof (PBE-GGA). We calculate and minimize the total energy of the three ternary compounds (Ca0.75Cr0.25S, Ca0.50Cr0.50S, and Ca0.25Cr0.75S) in the paramagnetic (PM), ferromagnetic (FM), and antiferromagnetic (AFM) phase. We find all compounds stable in (FM) structure, whereas the modified Becke and Johnson local density approximation (mBJ-LDA) functional has been employed to evaluate the electronic and magnetic properties. Based on our findings, indicate that this system revealed a half-metallic ferromagnetic behavior with half-metallic gap (HM) and 100% spin-polarized at the fermi level for all chromium (Cr) concentrations. This advantageous set of properties is due to the half-metallic behavior, where the majority spin and minority spin exhibit metallic and semiconducting behaviors respectively. The chromium atom is the most important source of the total magnetic moment in these compounds (4 μβ) by comparison with magnetic moments produced by Ca and S atoms, which have minor contribution. Finally, our prediction results require an experimental confirmation in the future.


CaS HM ferromagnetism Density functional theory (DFT) Spintronics Diluted magnetic insulators (DMI) 


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