Study of the Effect of Pr Doping on Structural, Morphological and Magnetic Properties of Nickel Ferrite

  • Mukesh Kumari
  • Mukesh Chander Bhatnagar
Original Paper


Praseodymium rare earth ion (Pr3+) doped nickel ferrite (NiFe2−xPrxO4, 0 < x< 0.1) nanocrystals (NFPO) were synthesized by hydrothermal method. The structural, morphological and magnetic properties of the prepared samples have been studied. The x-ray diffraction (XRD) and fourier transform infrared (FTIR) techniques confirmed the phase formation of the NFPO nanocrystals. The average crystallite size of NFPO nanoparticles found to be in the range 39 to 44 nm. The presence of Pr ions in NFPO was confirmed by energy-dispersive x-ray (EDX) analysis. It has been observed that after a certain amount of Pr doping, the morphology of the nanocrystals starts changing from nano-octahedrons to nanorods shape, as confirmed by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Also, the magnetic properties of the prepared nanocrystals were measured using physical properties measurement system (PPMS) at 10 K and 300 K. The saturation magnetization (Ms) first decreases with the increasing loading amount of Pr ions up to (x = 0.025) and later it increases at both the temperatures. However, the value of coercivity shows an increasing trend with the increasing amount of Pr ions in NFPO at room temperature.


Ferrites Hydrothermal Rare earth-doped nanoparticles Nano-octahedrons 



The authors would like to thank IIT Delhi for characterization facilities.

Funding Information

The authors would like to thank the Univ. Grant Commission (UGC), Govt. of India, for financial support.


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