Review on Magnetocaloric Effect and Materials

  • N. Raghu Ram
  • M. Prakash
  • U. Naresh
  • N. Suresh Kumar
  • T. Sofi Sarmash
  • T. Subbarao
  • R. Jeevan Kumar
  • G. Ranjith Kumar
  • K. Chandra Babu NaiduEmail author
Review Paper


A detailed discussion of magnetocaloric properties of distinct materials is a vital aspect in magnetic refrigeration technology. This review paper deals with all kinds of magnetocaloric materials such as ferromagnetic perovskites, glass ceramics, oxide-based composites and spinel ferrites. The comparative study of magnetocaloric properties revealed that manganites have the potential applications in magnetorefrigeration technology.


Ferromagnetic perovskites Magnetocaloric effect Entropy 


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