Lifshitz Transitions In Multi-band Hubbard Models for Topological Superconductivity in Complex Quantum Matter

  • Antonio Bianconi


How the macroscopic quantum coherence can resist to the decoherence attacks of high temperature is a major challenge for the science of the twenty-first century. Superstripes 2017 conference held in Ischia on June 2017 has been focused on the new physics of high-T c superconductors made of complex quantum matter. Today, the standard model of high-T c superconductivity which grabs the physics of complex quantum matter is the multi-band Hubbard model where the dome of T c occurs by driving the chemical potential in the proximity of a topological Lifshitz transition. The multi-gap superconductivity in the T c dome is driven by exchange interaction between a first condensate in the BEC-BCS crossover which coexists with second BCS condensates. The proximity to Lifshitz transitions in correlated electronic systems gives the ubiquitous arrested phase separation observed in all high-temperature superconductors. Non-Euclidean filamentary hyperbolic geometry is needed for the space description of superstripe textures produced by the coexistence of short-range CDW puddles, hole-poor SDW puddles, and self-organized dopant-rich puddles. A road map to room-temperature superconductors in particular organic compounds made of superlattices of quantum wires driven by Fano resonances with one of the condensates in the BEC-BCS crossover has been proposed.


Lifshitz transition Multi-band Hubbard model Topological superconductivity Superstripes Complex quantum matter 


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