Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism

, Volume 28, Issue 12, pp 3429–3437 | Cite as

Towards a Hybrid High Critical Temperature Superconductor Junction With a Semiconducting InAs Nanowire Barrier

  • Domenico Montemurro
  • Davide Massarotti
  • Procolo Lucignano
  • Stefano Roddaro
  • Daniela Stornaiuolo
  • Daniele Ercolani
  • Lucia Sorba
  • Arturo Tagliacozzo
  • Fabio Beltram
  • Francesco Tafuri


We investigate a new architecture for the implementation of Josephson junctions combining high critical temperature superconductors (HTS) and semiconductor (Sm) nanowires (NWs). The devices are obtained starting from pre-patterned YBaCuO (YBCO) electrodes and assembling suspended InAs-NWs bridges between nearby superconductive banks. Such a non-standard approach is necessary in the case of HTS since growth conditions for cuprates are incompatible with thermal stability of the Sm nanostructures. We investigate the device behavior as a function of the length L of the InAs bridge. For L > 200 nm, all junctions display a tendency to insulation at low temperatures. For L ∼ 200 nm, a metallic-like behavior is obtained, signaling the possible onset of a superconductive transition of the junction. Technological limitations on the width of the gap separating the YBCO banks currently prevent a further scaling. Our results suggest that a further reduction of the size of the trench between the YBCO electrodes can lead to functional YBCO/InAs-NWs/YBCO Josephson junctions.


High TC superconductors Nanowires Semiconducting barriers Hybrid nanostructures 



This work is supported by POR Campania FSE 2007-2013 “Materiali e Strutture Intelligenti” MASTRI, by COST Action MP1201 [NanoSC COST] and Progetto FIRB HybridNanoDev RBFR1236VV.


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  • Davide Massarotti
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  • Procolo Lucignano
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  • Stefano Roddaro
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  • Daniela Stornaiuolo
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  • Daniele Ercolani
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  • Lucia Sorba
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  • Arturo Tagliacozzo
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  • Fabio Beltram
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  • Francesco Tafuri
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