Spin-vortices and Spin-vortex-induced Loop Currents in the Pseudogap Phase of Cuprates

  • Ryo Hidekata
  • Hiroyasu KoizumiEmail author
Open Access
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We explain several anomalous phenomena observed in the pseudogap phase of hole-doped cuprates based on the recently proposed spin-vortex superconductivity theory. In this theory, doped-holes become almost immobile small polarons, and spin-vortices are formed with those small polarons as their centers. A Hartree–Fock field for conduction electrons that is optimized for the interaction energy of local moments is derived; it contains a fictitious magnetic field arising from spin-vortices, and yields current carrying states. The obtained currents are loop currents around spin-vortices, i.e., the spin-vortex-induced loop currents (SVILCs), and a collection of them produces a macroscopic current. The SVILC explains (1) nonzero Kerr rotation in zero-magnetic field after exposed in a strong magnetic field; (2) the change of the sign of the Hall coefficient with temperature change; (3) the suppression of superconductivity in the x=1/8 static-stripe ordered sample; and (4) a large anomalous Nernst signal, including its sign-change with temperature change. We show that the hourglass-shaped magnetic excitation spectrum is the evidence for the existence of spin-vortices. We further argue that the “Fermi-arc” in the ARPES is a support for the presence of localized moments in the bulk; a disconnected arc-shaped Fermi surface is obtained by assuming an antiferromagnetic interaction between the localized moments in the bulk and itinerant electrons in the surface region.


Cuprate superconductor Pseudogap Spin-vortex Loop current Magnetic excitation Nernst effect ARPES 


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  1. 1.Institute of Materials ScienceUniversity of TsukubaTsukubaJapan

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