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Editor’s Note

  • Curtis W. HartEmail author

This December marks the conclusion of my eighth year as Editor in Chief of the Journal of Religion and Health. I credit this longevity to the growth of the Journal that now averages thirty articles for each of its six issues per year and its continuing high number of articles regularly cited in the Research Review published by the Institute for the Bio-Cultural Study of Religion. For calendar 2017, we had 192,501 downloads of articles. But metrics only make clear sense when seen in the context of strong articles contributed from a wide set of international authors and reviewed by an equally talented and dedicated set of individuals. Both our authors and reviewers are committed to excellence in writing and research as bulwarks for the life of the mind.

Our Editorial Board continues providing solid support and enlightened advice and counsel when called upon to do so. The following two individuals join those already serving on the Board.

They are:

Warren E. Wyrostek, M.Div., M.Ed., Ed.D. He combines theological training at Union Theological Seminary and a thesis entitled “Luther and the Sacraments” with extensive teaching and writing in the area of solutions oriented leadership in education, leadership strategies, and curriculum development at Valdosta (Georgia) State University.


Panagis Galiatsatos, M.D., M.S., serves in the Division of Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care Medicine in the Department of Internal Medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Along with his teaching and clinical practice, Dr. Galiatsatos has been a frequent contributor to the Journal as both author and reviewer. He is a leader in “Medicine for the Greater Good” that connects the Medical School and the Johns Hopkins Hospitals with the health needs of the greater Baltimore community.

We welcome them both and are fortunate to have them with us as we anticipate a productive and inspiring 2019.

Curtis W. Hart

Editor in Chief

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