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Finding Ourselves Lost: Ministry in the Age of Overwhelm

By Robert C. Dykstra. Publisher: Cascade Books, Price $23.00, ISBN 9781532634819
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Book Review

Never has a book been more apropos as “Finding Ourselves Lost; Ministry in the Age of Overwhelm” by Robert Dykstra. His surgeon’s knife cuts keenly, going to the heart of the matter. In seven freestanding yet related chapters, Dykstra speaks of the ‘lostness’ of individuals today, and how they might be ‘found’—by Jesus and his stand-ins, from the local pastor to Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers Neighborhood.

Dykstra’s premise is that pastoral care is preaching the Word by other means. What begins in the pulpit cannot stay there. It must continue into the heart and life of the individual through the daily work of the minister, in heart or home or therapist’s office. Anything less is pastoral dereliction of duty.

The book begins with the Parable of the Lost Sheep. We are of course that sheep, lost in the age of overwhelm. The shepherd—Jesus or one of his human stand-ins—goes after that sheep, leaving the flock in the wilderness, so great is his desire to find us. Desire drives the...


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