Correction to: Incarceration and Personal Networks: Unpacking Measures and Meanings of Tie Strength

  • Andres F. Rengifo
  • Samuel E. DeWitt

Correction to: Journal of Quantitative Criminology

The original version of the article contained an error in the text.

The corrected text should read as:

A similar pattern may be observed for multiplexity, although likely related to a different underlying mechanism—scores for former prisoners may be higher as this status is likely to increase the growing scope of their social needs while simultaneously narrowing the pool from which these demands may be met (Harding et al. 2014)—a process akin to the ‘edging' of instrumental associations described by Goffman (2014). The inverse pattern may be observed in the case of indirect exposure to incarceration, as egos reallocate exchanges across more explicit contacts.


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