Synthesis of hybrid materials by immobilizing para-aminobenzoic acid complexes of Eu3+ and Tb3+ in zeolite Y and their luminescent properties

  • K. S. Ambili
  • Jesty ThomasEmail author


Two new lanthanide containing zeolite Y based luminescent hybrid materials were synthesized and characterized. Exchange of Na+ from zeolite Y with lanthanide ions (Eu3+ or Tb3+) was carried out by ultrasonication and annealing. Para-amino benzoic acid was introduced to the ion exchanged zeolite Y to form complex with the lanthanide ion. Characterizations of the materials were carried out using IR spectroscopy, PXRD, SEM, UV–Vis absorption spectroscopy, TG–DTA and DSC analysis. Luminescence properties of these materials were studied using photoluminescence spectroscopy. Complex formation inside the zeolite cage increased the luminescence efficiency of the lanthanide ions through antenna effect. Tb3+ containing hybrid material showed efficient energy transfer due to the optimal energy level matching of the triplet level of ligand and the emissive level of Tb3+. Zeolite Y structure acts as a protective barrier against the degradation of organic part as is evident from the high thermal stability of the materials.


Inorganic–organic hybrid material Zeolite Y Para-aminobenzoic acid Luminescence 



This work was financially supported by Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi, India.

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