In situ construction of porous Ni/Co-MOF@Carbon cloth electrode with honeycomb-like structure for high-performance energy storage

  • Yunjian Chen
  • Ni WangEmail author
  • Wencheng Hu
  • Sridhar KomarneniEmail author


Porous Ni/Co-organic framework with honeycomb-like structure was directly grown on the carbon cloth (Ni/Co-MOF@CC) through a hydrothermal process. The Ni/Co-MOF@CC displayed a high specific surface area with an average pore size of 3.05 nm and excellent conductivity. The electrochemical performances of the porous Ni/Co-MOF@CC as the electrode of supercapacitors were evaluated using cyclic voltammetry, galvanostatic charge/discharge, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy measurements in 2 M KOH electrolyte. The Ni/Co-MOF@CC electrode exhibited a maximal specific capacity of 1180.5 mC cm−2 at 3 mA cm−2, good high-rate discharge ability (624.1 mC cm−2 at 60 mA cm−2), and long-term cycling life (97.6% capacity retention after 5000 cycles). Our experiments demonstrated the practical application of mixed-MOFs as supercapacitors for next-generation energy storage devices.


Honeycomb-like structure Ni/Co-MOF@CC Hydrothermal Long-time cycling life 



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