Journal of Porous Materials

, Volume 25, Issue 4, pp 965–987 | Cite as

Contemporary mesoporous materials for drug delivery applications: a review

  • Pritam Singh
  • Kamalika SenEmail author


The current avalanche in the literature reports on the synthesis and application of novel mesoporous materials is a matter of interest for the chemist community all over the world. Different classes of ordered mesoporous matrices are designed with fine internal architectures which are suitable for loading and release of several molecular assemblies of practical interest. The present scenario in this regard has prompted us to undertake a review on the advancement of such materials in the field of drug delivery applications. In the present review, we have considered the different possible mesoporous materials suitable for delivery of widely used drugs. We have presented here a general outline of such mesoporous materials and discussed the mechanistic features of their cargo behaviour for different classes of drugs viz., anticancer, antirheumatic, antihypertensive and so on. Finally, the discussion has been concluded with the current scenario of their practical utility and the future prospects of this vastly growing research field. The present review is made to create an impression on the development of the mesoporous materials for their possible applications towards delivery of some important drugs.


Mesoporous materials Pore size Drug delivery Sustained release Biomolecules 



Pritam Singh gratefully acknowledges the University Grants Commission (UGC) (Ref. No. 20/12/2015(ii)EU-V dated 24.08.2016) for providing necessary fellowship.


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