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Perspectives on the history and scientific contributions of Gerhard Levy

  • Ho-Leung Fung
  • William J. Jusko
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Gerhard Levy (Fig.  1) was born February 12, 1928 in Wollin, Germany, and obtained his early education in China. An oral history of his childhood experiences in Nazi Germany and China is available online ( Gary attended the University of California at San Francisco earning the BS in Pharmacy in 1955 and PharmD in 1958. Nearly his entire career was spent at the University of Buffalo (UB) having joined as Assistant Professor of Pharmacy in 1958 and retiring as University Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutics in 2000. His own personal perspectives on his career and the development of pharmacodynamics as a pharmaceutical science were published in the Annals of Pharmacotherapy in 2006 [ 1].


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