Security Aware Virtual Network Embedding Algorithm Using Information Entropy TOPSIS

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Network virtualization is an effective manner to address the ossification issue of Internet architecture. Virtual network embedding is one of the most critical techniques in network virtualization environments. Several security problems about virtual network embedding are introduced due to the fact that virtual network embedding adds a virtual layer into the internet architecture. In this paper, we proposed an approach for security aware virtual network embedding called SA-VNE to address the security problems in virtual network embedding process. Firstly, we use the information entropy TOPSIS method to rank the importance of substrate nodes with an aim to choose the most appropriate substrate node for accommodating the virtual node. Secondly, we use the shortest path algorithm to perform the link mapping process. Simulation results demonstrated that our proposed SA-VNE algorithm behaves better that those of state-of-the-art existing security aware virtual network embedding algorithms in terms of the long-term average revenue, the long-term average VN acceptance ratio, the long-term average revenue to cost ratio and the running time.

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This work is supported by “the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities” of China University of Petroleum (East China) (Grant No. 18CX02139A), the Open Research Fund of Beijing Key Laboratory of Big Data Technology for Food Safety, Beijing Technology and Business University, the Shandong Provincial Natural Science Foundation, China (Grant No. ZR2014FQ018), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61471056, 61877002), and the China research project on key technology strategy of infrastructure security for information network development. The authors also gratefully acknowledge the helpful comments and suggestions of the reviewers, which have improved the presentation.

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Correspondence to Peiying Zhang.

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The authors declare that they have no competing interests.

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  • Security aware virtual network embedding
  • Information entropy
  • Security risk
  • Information entropy TOPSIS