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Virtual Machine Placement Algorithm for Energy Saving and Reliability of Servers in Cloud Data Centers

  • JungYul ChoiEmail author


Since cloud data centers operating from thousands to tens of thousands of servers consume enormous amount of power, there is a strong interest in energy efficiency. With virtualization technology, a server can accommodate multiple virtual machines. Once a server is running, it consumes a high amount of power even if the utilization is low, so placing as many virtual machines on a few servers as possible is desirable to save power. On the other hand, in a highly integrated environment, the heat generated from servers can cause a heat island. High-temperature environment can cause serious problems with the reliability of the servers, so the virtual machine should be placed in consideration of this. For resolving the problems, this paper proposes a virtual machine placement algorithm for energy saving considering server reliability. According to the performance evaluation, the proposed algorithm shows the similar or better level of power consumption as the existing methods, while it achieves the target server reliability and no heat islands generated.


Cloud data center Energy saving Reliability Queueing system Virtual machine placement 


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