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High-Speed Dynamic Packet Filtering

  • Luca DeriEmail author


One problem encountered while monitoring gigabit networks, is the need to filter only those packets that are interesting for a given task while ignoring the others. Popular packet filtering technologies enable users to specify complex filters but do not usually allow multiple filters to be specified. This paper describes the design and implementation of a new dynamic packet filtering solution that allows users to specify several IP filters simultaneously with almost no packet loss even on highly-loaded gigabit links. The advantage is that modern traffic monitoring applications such as P2P, IPTV, and VoIP, monitoring and lawful interception can dynamically set packet filters to efficiently discard packets into the operating system kernel according to traffic, calls, and users being monitored.


Passive packet capture Packet filtering Traffic monitoring Linux kernel 



The author would like to thank Alexander Tudor <> for the several discussions about bloom filters, and RCS Lab for partially funding this research work.


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