Air-Coupled Nondestructive Evaluation Dissected

  • Mohammad Said HarbEmail author
  • Fuh-Gwo Yuan


This work develops a two-dimensional theoretical model to simulate the behavior of a fully non-contact air-coupled nondestructive evaluation system for a thin isotropic plate. The model is divided into transmission, guided wave propagation and reception phase. The validation of the complete model was carried out by modeling the same system by means of finite element method using a Multiphysics software. In addition, the dependency of the generated Lamb waves on different transmitter’s parameters and incidence angle is thoroughly investigated. The results of the acoustic pressure excited by the transducer, the out-of-plane velocity amplitudes for the generated first antisymmetric Lamb wave mode, and the radiated pressure from the plate caused by the leaky Lamb wavefield were all compared between the two models and a reasonable degree of similarity was found.


Air-coupled ultrasound Nondestructive testing Lamb waves Acoustic field modeling 


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