An Enhanced Symptom Clustering with Profile Based Prescription Suggestion in Biomedical application

  • R. VijayarajeswariEmail author
  • M. Nagabhushan
  • P. Parthasarathy
Patient Facing Systems
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The application of data mining has been increasing day to day whereas the data base is also enhancing simultaneously. Hence retrieving required content from a huge data base is a critical task. This paper focus on biomedical engineering field, it concentrates on initial stage of database such as data preprocessing and cleansing to deal with noise and missing data in large biomedical data sets. The database of biomedical is huge and enhancing nature retrieving of specific content will be a critical task. Suggesting prescription with respect to identified disease based on profile analysis of specific patient is not available in current system. This paper proposes a recommendation system of prescription based on disease identification is done by combining user and professional suggestion with profile based analysis. Hence this focuses on profile based suggestions and report will be generated. The retrieving of specific suggestion from a huge database is done by hybrid feature selection algorithm. This approach focuses on enabling recommendation based on user profile and implementing Hybrid feature selection algorithm to retrieve specific content from a huge database. Hence it attains better retrieval of required content from a huge database compared to other existing approaches and suggests better recommendation with respect to user profile.


Recommendation Profile based analysis Feature selection Preprocessing and cleaning 


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  • M. Nagabhushan
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  • P. Parthasarathy
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