Securing Personal Health Record System in Cloud Using User Usage Based Encryption

  • Dhina SureshEmail author
  • M. Lilly Florence
Transactional Processing Systems
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Cloud-based Personal Health Record (PHR) in the electronic and information system has become next generation cloud platform for facilitating efficient, secure and scalable data access to foster the collaborative care. Data owner prefers to outsource their confidential electronic data to the cloud for effective retrieval and storage without provoking the depletion or losses due to data management and maintenance. Secure data sharing and searching are vital. Be that as it may, secure search for the outsourced data is a formidable errand, which may easily incur the leakage of sensitive personal information. In this research, we propose a novel diversified access control framework composed of User Usage Based Encryption (UUBE) which is normally based on the searchable encryption scheme. In the UUBE demonstrate, Usage is mapped as credential/accreditation with time allotment to each event, where the event is considered as security trait or a privacy attribute. Data user/client can decipher an event if and only if there is a match between the accreditation and credential related to the event. A searchable encryption enables efficient routing of encrypted events using data or feature extraction algorithm as an important technique. Multicredential routing is modelled as an event dissemination strategy to strengthen weak data user confidentiality. The data user is permitted to maintain the accreditations/credentials as per their usage category. Private keys are assigned to the user/client as labels with the accreditations or credentials. A data owner/proprietor associates and relates each enciphered event with a set of credentials.


Credentials Data sharing Personal health record Searching User usage based encryption 



I would like to thank THE LORD MY SAVIOR for guiding and showering HIS blessings throughout my life. I take immense pleasure in thanking my guide Dr. M. Lilly Florence for rendering her valuable knowledge and guidance. I would like to thank my husband for his love and support. I would like to thank my parents and my son for their patience and care.


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