Blood Glucose Regulation for Post-Operative Patients with Diabetics and Hypertension Continuum: A Cascade Control-Based Approach

  • A. Alavudeen BashaEmail author
  • S. Vivekanandan
  • P. Parthasarathy
Patient Facing Systems
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Management of glycemic level in post-operative condition is critical for hypertensive patients and the post-operative stress may results in hyperglycemia, hyper insulin and osmotic diuresis. Recent medical research shows that diabetic and hypertension hands together in a significant overlap in its etiology and its disease mechanism. It is clear that there is a call for monitoring in the parameter and controlling the glucose level particularly in the presence of hypertension. This paper proposes the novel complex (cascade) control system to control the insulin infusion level particularly in the presence of hypertension. Based on the requirements the structure has been designed and the simulation results indicates that the proposed control strategy shows better results and may achieve potentially better glycemic control to the hypersensitive diabetic patients.


Optimal insulin infusion Cascade control Hypertension Mathematical model 



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  • S. Vivekanandan
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