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What Is Narrative Therapy and How Can It Help Health Humanities?

  • Arthur W. FrankEmail author

The Crafting of Grief: Constructing Aesthetic Responses to Loss by Lorraine Hedtke and John Winslade, Routledge 2017.

Narrative Therapy in Wonderland: Connecting With Children’s Imaginative Know-How by David Marsten, David Epston, and Laurie Markham, Norton 2016.

Narrative Therapy Classics by Michael White, Dulwich Centre Publications 2016.1

Sometimes the best beginning is simply to plunge in. So here is a long transcribed quotation from an interview in which Michael White offers one sort of explanation of the distinctive approach taken by narrative therapy:

In terms of practice, there is a very significant difference between, on the one hand, delivering interventions that are based on some external formal analysis of a problem, or suggesting to people that they should work on their ‘independence’ or ‘growth’ or whatever, and, on the other hand, encouraging people to attend to some events of their lives that just might be of a more sparkling nature—events that just might happen to...

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