Journal of Low Temperature Physics

, Volume 187, Issue 5–6, pp 497–514 | Cite as

Statistics of Quantum Turbulence in Superfluid He

  • V. S. L’vov
  • A. Pomyalov


Based on our current understanding of statistics of quantum turbulence as well as on results of intensive ongoing analytical, numerical and experimental studies, we overview here the following problems in the large-scale, space-homogeneous, steady-state turbulence of superfluid \(^4\)He and \(^3\)He: (1) energy spectra of normal and superfluid velocity components; (2) cross-correlation function of normal and superfluid velocities; (3) energy dissipation by mutual friction and viscosity; (4) energy exchange between normal and superfluid components; (5) high-order statistics and intermittency effects. The statistical properties are discussed for turbulence in different types of flows: coflow of \(^4\)He; turbulent \(^3\)He with the laminar normal fluid; pure superflow and counterflow in \(^4\)He.


Energy spectra Intermittency Velocity decoupling 



We acknowledge L. Skrbek, E. Varga, W. Guo and J. Gao who provided us with their experimental results prior to publications and allowed to use them in preparing this review. Useful discussion with them and with J. Vinen, I. Procaccia, S. Nazarenko, G. Volovik, C. Barenghi, P-E Roche and other colleagues made this review possible.


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