The Superconducting Ferromagnet UCoGe


The correlated metal UCoGe is a weak itinerant ferromagnet with a Curie temperature T C=3 K and a superconductor with a transition temperature T s=0.6 K. We review its basic thermal, magnetic—on the macro and microscopic scale—and transport properties, as well as the response to high pressure. The data unambiguously show that superconductivity and ferromagnetism coexist below T s=0.6 K and are carried by the same 5f electrons. We present evidence that UCoGe is a p-wave superconductor and argue that superconductivity is mediated by critical ferromagnetic spin fluctuations.


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  • Superconducting ferromagnet
  • p-wave superconductor
  • Magnetic quantum critical point
  • Critical spin fluctuations