Uptake of Metal Ions (Co(II) and Ni(II)) by Silica-Salicylaldehyde Derived from Rice Husks

  • Aliyaa Dhahir Mohsin
  • Hayder Hamied MihsenEmail author


The source of silica in silica-salicylaldehyde was rice husk ash (RHA). RHA was converted to sodium silicate by reacting with sodium hydroxide solution. The technique of sol–gel was used to synthesize RHAPrNH2 through the reaction of 3-(aminopropyl)triethoxysilane with sodium silicate in a strong acidic medium. Novel nanomaterial (RHA-SALED) was prepared from the reaction of salicylaldehyde with RHAPrNH2 by condensation reaction in toluene solvent. The technique of FTIR showed that the peak at 1622 cm−1 belongs to C=N. XRD technique showed the amorphous nature for RHA-SALED with maximum intensity at 22° (2θ). CHNS technique proved that RHA-SALED contain 9.28% of N higher than that of RHAPrNH2. SEM confirmed that the functionalized particles are granular and shaped irregularly with a common diameter of ca. 40.36 nm. BET measurements additionally confirmed that the surface place is 1.0356 m2 g−1 of RHA-SALED with pore size distribution 10.879 nm. The material RHA-SALED was used for absorption from an aqueous solution of heavy contaminating metal ions Ni(II) and Co(II).


Rice husk ash 3-(Aminopropyl)triethoxysilane Salicylaldehyde Surface area Uptake capacity 



We would like to thank Department of Chemistry, College of Science, Kerbala University, for financial support.


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