A New One Dimensional Mn(III) Coordination Polymer Constructed by a Salicylamide Imine Multidentate Ligand: Structure, Magnetic and Luminescent Properties

  • Huan-Huan Meng
  • Xue-Li Xia
  • Zen-Gang Lin
  • Xue-Qin SongEmail author


A new Mn(III) coordination polymer, [MnL]n, based on a salicylamide imine multidentate ligand, 1-(2-hydroxy-benzamido)-2-(2-hydroxy-5-nitrobenzylideneamino)-ethane (H3L) was prepared. Single crystal analysis revealed that the title compound was a herringbone like Mn(III) coordination polymer where deprotonated ligand L3– acted as a pentadentate ligand with amide group being bridge to connect two Mn(III) centres. Magnetic susceptibilities indicates that [MnL]n exhibits an antiferromagnetic coupling with a long-range canted antiferromagnetic ordering and metamagnetic behavior at low temperatures. And the photophysical determination shows that [MnL]n also displays strong long life red luminescence. The results presented herein indicates [MnL]n appears to be an excellent candidate for multifunctional material as a result of its high thermal stability, interesting magnetic and luminescent properties.


Salicylamide imine multidentate ligand Mn(III) coordination polymer Magnetic properties Luminescent properties 



This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grants 21661019).


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