Thermal Decomposition of Ammonium Perchlorate in the Presence of Cobalt Hydroxyl@Nano-Porous Polyaniline

  • Sajjad Ebrahimi
  • Alireza ShakeriEmail author
  • Taher Alizadeh


In this report, nanoporous polyaniline (NP-PANi) as an intrinsic conductive polymer (ICPs) was sonochemically synthesized and coated by Cobalt Hydroxyl nanoparticles using precipitation method. The prepared Cobalt Hydroxyl@NP-PANi (CoPANi) merged two separated peaks of AP into a width peak revealed at 297 °C, and drastically increased the area under the peak about 90–334%. Dependency of activation energy (Eα) to the reaction progress (α) was investigated by Starink method and results showed that in the presence of CoPANi throughout the reaction, Eα of AP decomposition was completely shifted to the lower values. The thermal decomposition mechanisms of samples were evaluated by Complementary method using a MATLAB code. The best decomposition reaction model obtained for AP was Avrami Erofeyev (A2) which CoPANi changed it to (A4); this caused Ea reduced from 161 (KJ/mol) to 113 (KJ/mol). Reaction rate constant, pre-exponential factor, Characteristic temperatures (TSADT and Tb) and thermodynamic parameters have been also calculated, the noted parameters presented a descending trend when the CoPANi was used. As the results confirmed the strong modifying effect of Cobalt Hydroxyl@NP-PANi on AP decomposition reaction, this report would be helpful for further application of M(OH)x@ICPs as a new family of burning rate modifier materials used for decomposition of energetic material.


Ammonium perchlorate Burning rate modifier Cobalt hydroxyl Kinetic parameters Nano-porous polyaniline Reaction mechanism 


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