In Situ Measurement of Dielectric Permittivity and Electrical Conductivity of CoCl2/BaCl2 Doped PVDF Composite at Elevated Temperature

  • Anshu Mli GaurEmail author
  • Dinesh Singh Rana


This work describes the synthesis and in situ characterization of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) composite films doped with different weight percentage of CoCl2/BaCl2. The solution casting method was used for fabrication of composite films. XRD and SEM were used to analyse the surface morphology of PVDF composite films which confirms the formation of β and α phase predominately. The XRD spectra confirm the reduction in intensities of some peaks associated with α and β phase’s pre dominantly with the insertion of dopants. Dielectric permittivity and ac conductivity of the PVDF composites were measured at elevated temperature. The frequency dependence of dielectric permittivity and ac conductivity behaviour of PVDF composites with different weight percentage of Co/Ba fillers were investigated. The results reveal that the addition of Co/Ba to the host Polymer PVDF affects the dielectric permittivity and conductivity of PVDF composite. The results further reveals that the annealing influences the overall crystallization process and various phases of doped PVDF composite which in turn may affect the piezoelectric behaviour, which is prerequisite for sensing and actuator application of these PVDF composites. Thus the behaviour of sensors and devices based on doped PVDF composite can be predicted at elevated temperature. This study focused to understand the interaction between PVDF and Co/Ba dopants at elevated temperature.


Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) Composite Annealing Dopant Dielectric permittivity Conductivity 



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  2. 2.Department of InstrumentationKurukshetra UniversityKurukshetraIndia

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