Structural and Magnetic Properties of Fe, Mn Co-doped BaTiO3 Synthesized Using Ball Milling Technique

  • Soumya Rajan
  • P. M. Mohammed Gazzali
  • G. Chandrasekaran


Nano composite, monophasic nano-crystalline as well as bulk single phase materials of Fe, Mn co-doped BaTiO3 compounds are successfully synthesized through two different strategies using high energy meachnical attritor and muffle furnace. Significant changes in the structural properties such as formation of coexisting tetragonal, cubic and orthorhombic phases are brought out by varying post-processing temperature. A weak ferromagnetic signature is observed for nanocomposites and it ceased to exist with increasing post heating temperatures. Interestingly, superparamagnetic state is observed for nano-composites with blocking temperature of 263 K for a measurement field of 500 Oe. Further, this nanocomposite found to exhibit magnetic ordering well above room temperature which facilitates the possible interplay of multiple ferroic phases.


Ball milling Multiferroics Coexisting phases Magnetic studies Superparamagnetic 



The authors thank DST-FIST-India for its grant to Department of Physics, Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF), Pondicherry University, Puducherry, India and UGC-MRP F. No. 39-489/2010 (SR) for different facilities and funding which are used in the present study. The authors would like to thank Department of nanoscience and nanotechnology, Bharathiyar University for FESEM. The authors SR and MG thank UGC, New Delhi, India for financial support in the form of UGC-RGNF, UGC-BSR respectively.


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  • Soumya Rajan
    • 1
  • P. M. Mohammed Gazzali
    • 1
  • G. Chandrasekaran
    • 1
  1. 1.Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Laboratory, Department of PhysicsPondicherry UniversityPondicherryIndia

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