The Fluorescence and Electroluminescence Properties of the Carbazole–Phenylazomethine Double Layer-Type Dendrimer

  • Ken Albrecht
  • Yuto Kasai
  • Kimihisa YamamotoEmail author


The fluorescence properties of double layer-type dendrimers with carbazole as the outer layer and phenylazomethine as the inner layer of the dendron with a zinc porphyrin core were studied. Based on the fluorescence quantum yield (solution), the effect of the bulky dendron to inhibit the interaction of the chromophores was confirmed. Additionally, the efficient light-harvesting property of the double layer-type dendron was revealed by the fluorescence measurement at several excitation wavelengths. These dendrimers were used as an emitting-layer in an OLED device. The electroluminescence of the core porphyrin was observed and it was shown that the double layer-type dendrimer with a luminescent core has the potential to be a hole-transporting/emitting material.


Carbazole Phenylazomethine Dendrimer Porphyrin OLED Light-harvesting antenna 



This work was partially supported by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Nos. 19205020, 19022034), the Core Research for Evolution Science and Technology (CREST) program of the Japan Science and Technology (JST) Agency, and Global COE program “High-Level Global Cooperation for Leading-Edge Platform on Access Space (C12)”.


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