Role of the Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacist in Management of a Refugee Patient Population at a University-Based Refugee Healthcare Clinic



The International Family Medicine Clinic (IFMC) at University of Virginia Health System serves refugees and special immigrants in Virginia. The IFMC comprises an interprofessional team including a clinical pharmacist.


A retrospective chart review of electronic medical records was performed. Adult refugee patients who attended a scheduled clinical pharmacist visit between October 6, 2015 and December 31, 2016 were included. The primary outcome was to characterize interventions made by a clinical pharmacist. Secondary outcomes included describing chronic disease states experienced by certain refugee populations and the clinical impact of pharmacist interventions in diabetes management.


80 refugee patients attended 275 clinical pharmacist visits. On average, visits lasted 30 min. Numerous patient interventions were made, including initiation of 68 new medications, discontinuation of 49 medications, and 66 medication dose changes. An average A1c reduction of 1.8% (p < 0.001) was noted.


The clinical pharmacist can play an important role in refugee healthcare.

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