Spiers, John H.: Smarter growth: activism and environmental policy in Metropolitan Washington

University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018, 256 pp., ISBN: 9780812250244
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At its core, “Smarter Growth: Activism and Environmental Policy in Metropolitan Washington”, is about bottom-up organizing, local perseverance, and the debates over environmental protection that ensue. As the author, John Spiers, notes, the book’s goal is to “reorient our understanding of the environmental revolution in the late 1960s…” (pg. 3). He aims to contribute to scholarship on environmental protection by focusing on local political and policy changes that are driven by a myriad of interest groups and grassroots activists. Spiers accomplishes this with six lively in-depth case studies of environmental politics in counties within the Washington Metropolitan Area.

The political dynamics of growth are clearly embedded throughout the book. Although Spiers does not explicitly frame the case studies with extensive discussion of previous theoretical or empirical work, the book is nonetheless well positioned within the larger literature on the local political tug of war over...


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