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I. Ellen and J. Steil (Eds.), The dream revisited: contemporary debates about housing, segregation, and opportunity

Columbia University Press, 2019, 392 pp, ISBN: 9780231183635 (paperback)
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Book Review

The 50th Anniversary of the passage of America’s 1968 Fair Housing Act stimulated publication of a number of important new books on American segregation including the Color of Law by Richard Rothstein, Moving toward Integration by Richard Sander, Yana Kucheva and Jonathan Zaloff, and One-Way Street of Integration by Edward Goetz. Could yet another book on the subject, The Dream Revisited, edited by Ingrid Ellen and Justin Steil, make a significant contribution? The answer is “Yes.” This book brings together scholars, policy makers, practitioners, and advocates with different viewpoints on segregation-related questions and improves our knowledge of residential segregation and integration.

The book is unique in its format and content. The core of the book is a series of 25 debates about issues related to segregation authored by a varied set of scholars and practitioners. The debates began as a blog with contributions prepared between 2014 and 2017. In each case, the editors asked someone...


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