Journal of Housing and the Built Environment

, Volume 34, Issue 4, pp 1169–1171 | Cite as

Elena Bargelli and Thorsten Heitkamp (eds.): New developments in Southern European housing

Pisa University Press, 2018, 218 pp., ISBN: 978-886741-8640
  • Martina GentiliEmail author
Book Review

Housing problems are pressing throughout Europe. However, the distinctive character of the institutional environment, welfare regime and policy response of Southern European countries makes it necessary to discuss them separately, in order to better understand the problems and frame more appropriate policy approaches. The book engages with this debate on Southern Europe as a specific housing regime, building on the seminal work of Allen et al. (2004) and on subsequent literature. It aims to fill the gap in comparative research on housing in the Mediterranean context by following the evolution of housing issues in four different countries—Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. While recognizing the similar trends, the book still pays attention to internal differences, primarily by considering the varying levels of recovery of the different housing markets after the economic crisis and the subsequent policy interventions.

The volume is structured as a collection of essays by different...



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