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Ray Forrest, Sin Yee Koh and Bart Wissink: Cities and the super-rich: real estate, elite practices and urban political economies

Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 2017, hardcover €90.09, ISBN 978-1-137-55715-5
  • Manuel B. AalbersEmail author
Book Review

For a very long time, social scientists appeared more occupied with the poor than with the rich. The focus on social problems was narrowed down to a focus on those most exposed to such problems and the assumption was that those were the poor. At some point the middle classes came back in fashion but the rich were still mostly left to their own devices, not considered worthy of social science scrutiny. There appeared to be an implicit assumption at work: the rich are fine as their wealth will trickle down and benefit others in society. Such assumptions are increasingly challenged. Fed by research on the grave inequalities in today’s societies by Piketty and others, there is now more awareness of the other side of these deep—and deepening—inequalities. Cities and the Super-Rich arrives at a time that a lot of this research is coming to fruition.

The book is composed of two introductory essays, three chapters on real estate investments (Part I), four chapters on elites spatialities and...


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