Journal of Global Optimization

, Volume 71, Issue 2, pp 297–311 | Cite as

A modified simplicial algorithm for convex maximization based on an extension of \(\omega \)-subdivision

  • Takahito KunoEmail author


The simplicial algorithm is a popular branch-and-bound approach to the convex maximization problem with multiple local maxima. In this paper, we discuss some difficulties revealed when implementing this algorithm under the \(\omega \)-subdivision rule. To overcome those, we modify the bounding process and extend the \(\omega \)-subdivision rule. We also report numerical results for the simplicial algorithm according to the new subdivision rule.


Global optimization Convex maximization Branch-and-bound Simplicial algorithm \(\omega \)-Subdivision 



The author would like to thank the anonymous referees for their valuable comments, which significantly improved the readability of this article.


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  1. 1.Graduate School of Systems and Information EngineeringUniversity of TsukubaTsukubaJapan

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