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Journal of Global Optimization Best Paper Award for a paper published in 2012

  • Sergiy ButenkoEmail author

Each year, a committee consisting of the Editor-in-Chief and several invited members of the editorial board of Journal of Global Optimization (JOGO) considers articles published in JOGO during the preceding year for the Best Paper Award. In 2013, Kaisa Miettinen, Panos Pardalos, and Berc Rustem kindly accepted my invitation to serve on the committee. Out of 149 articles published in JOGO in 2012, eight were nominated for the award, which consists of $1,000 and a certificate.

I am pleased to announce that the JOGO Best Paper Award for 2012 was split between the following two articles (listed in the order of their appearance in a published issue):
  • Hanif D. Sherali, Evrim Dalkiran, and Leo Liberti, Reduced RLT representations for nonconvex polynomial programming problems (volume 52, pages 447–469).

  • D. Li, X. L. Sun, and C. L. Liu, An exact solution method for unconstrained quadratic 0–1 programming: a geometric approach (volume 52, pages 797–829).

In addition, due to the very high quality of the nominated papers, we decided to recognize the following articles as “Top-5 Papers Published in JOGO in 2012”:
  • Dominik Dorsch, Vladimir Shikhman, and Oliver Stein, Mathematical programs with vanishing constraints: critical point theory (volume 52, pages 591–605).

  • Julius \(\check{\mathrm{Z}}\)ilinskas, Parallel branch and bound for multidimensional scaling with city-block distances (volume 54, pages 261–274).

  • Edward C. Sewell, Jason J. Sauppe, David R. Morrison, Sheldon H. Jacobson, and Gio K. Kao. A BB&R algorithm for minimizing total tardiness on a single machine with sequence dependent setup times (volume 54, pages 791–812).

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to Springer and everyone involved in the committee and nomination process for their support. I would also like to use this opportunity to invite nominations for the next JOGO Best Paper Award. Any JOGO paper with a 2013 publication date (volumes 55–57) is eligible. Please email your nominations to

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