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Introduction to the “Technology in Practice” Special Issue

  • Vickie VenneEmail author
  • Megan Doerr
Professional Issues

We are thrilled to present the “Technology in Practice” special issue of the Journal of Genetic Counseling. Submissions focus on the use of technology to improve the ways in which patients experience the genetic counseling process, covering an ever-widening spectrum of tools and practice integration points. As illustrated by our collaboration as co-editors, every clinician comes to the integration of technology into a professional life with her or his own foundational experiences. To wit, nearly half of Vickie’s professional career involved working pre-email (although she currently oversees one of the largest clinical video telehealth services in the country). Meanwhile, Meg, while not quite a digital native, has spent her entire genetic counseling career working in health information technology. Recognizing that we each have different experiences with technology in our clinical practice, we sought to highlight counselors’ lived experiences with technology in their practice....



In addition to the authors who submitted manuscripts and the reviewers who ultimately made the final articles stronger, we thank Bonnie LeRoy (Editor-in-Chief) and Patricia McCarthy Veach (Assistant Editor) for their amazing, gracious, and always timely support. As a testament to their interest in this subject, both editors for this special issue were involved in projects that resulted in manuscripts submitted to this special edition. Bonnie LeRoy served as Action Editor on the manuscript review process and publication decision for those manuscripts.

Compliance with Ethical Standards

Conflict of Interest

Vickie L. Venne declares that she has no conflicts of interest. Megan Doerr was a co-inventor of the MyFamily (now called MyLegacy) intellectual property portfolio. The IP is licensed to Family Care Path, Inc. As part of this license, she is entitled to a share in both royalties and returns on equity.


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